Broken leggings = lace shorts + headband

This is not my typical Kids Corner post. My initial plan was to keep this section for projects that we make together with our little one. This time I would like to share something where she is not that involved, but what makes her happy.

If you have read my blog, your first thought might be that I am crocheting a lace border onto leggings. In reality I have picked up a new hobby – the latest addition to my crafting corner is a sewing machine. I can thank my special Santa again, who gave me the opportunity to learn something new from this year. I haven’t included this craft into my blog topics yet as I haven’t explored it too much. I am currently using the sewing machine mainly to fix or adjust clothes and haven’t sewn anything from scratch yet. However, I think this is a good way to practice.

So today I am writing about sewing an elastic lace onto leggings. This is an easy fix for leggings with broken knees. I have tried to patch them, but since kids’ leggings are small and it’s hard to place the knee on the sewing machine, the result didn’t look too good. Instead I found a short tutorial about sewing lace onto shorts. So I cut off the legs with the broken bit and sewed on lace trim to cover up the cut border. As you can see in the video, it only takes one stitch row and there is no need to turn the edge of the fabric or the lace.

Lace trim leggings

Of course I couldn’t just throw away the legs! With the first pair of leggings I used the cut off legs for an accessory – I sewed a twisted headband based on another simple tutorial. If you combine both pieces, the length should be enough. If the pieces are too wide, you also need to cut off the original side seam and adjust the width. I suggest using the wider ends of the legs for the front twist.

Twisted headband

Looking at headband videos, I also saw several tutorials for scrunchies – so if this is more interesting, I think the leg pieces would be suitable for that as well.

This time I had a pink set of leggings and since my little one is playing with Barbies now, I tried to make clothes for the doll. You can see my first attempt on the picture. The flower and bead are hand-sewn.

Barbie dress

My little one is happy with her fancy clothes and now thinks that I can fix everything – all broken clothes and toys land on my crafting table because “mummy can fix it” 🙂

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