Gift card pocket with A4 or 30 cm design paper

I have tried the concept of gift card pockets before, but so far I was only creating designs with my Cricut. I had the opportunity to try it out again and this time I decided to include design paper. I am still cutting the card slot template I have created on Cricut Design Space, butContinue reading “Gift card pocket with A4 or 30 cm design paper”

Free files for Cricut

I’ve written before that I have the amazing machine Cricut Explore Air 2 to help me with paper crafts. It’s an electronic paper cutting machine where you can select shapes digitally in the software. You could say, it’s like my mini version of a CNC bench. What files does Cricut support? In the screenshot below,Continue reading “Free files for Cricut”

Back to basics – chocolate pocket card with 20 cm design paper

Why back to basics? Chocolate pocket cards were my first attempts on the paper crafts journey – I have written a bit more about it in my first paper crafts post . They are still close to my heart because they have a very simple structure and are practical at the same time. I decidedContinue reading “Back to basics – chocolate pocket card with 20 cm design paper”

Discovering the pop-up world

When I was writing about different types of cards, I wasn’t very familiar with pop-up cards yet. I had seen mainly pop-up books and some layouts in design paper inspiration groups, but I was under the impression that it is a complicated mechanism. Now that there are several kids birthdays coming up, I figured IContinue reading “Discovering the pop-up world”

Computer shaker card for birthday

This card started from the idea to make a computer. My other half’s son decided to build a computer for himself, and since we also contributed with parts for the birthday, I obviously wanted to create a suitable card to go along with it. I hope the “computer” is recognizable in the picture. I thinkContinue reading “Computer shaker card for birthday”

Easel card with photo camera

This is a simple card where design paper and Cricut came together. I don’t know exactly where this idea came from. Recently I’ve been somehow “locked in my head” and haven’t created much, but I actually have a lot of different ideas. I’ve been watching different step cards in crafting groups lately, because it seemedContinue reading “Easel card with photo camera”

My kryptonite – the camera

I like to craft, but I always have a lot of trouble capturing my work results. This is quite ironic because my father has spent my whole conscious life around the camera and my other half also has a photography background. I don’t have a separate digital camera, but I bought my smartphone mainly becauseContinue reading “My kryptonite – the camera”

Cards of different type and style

Scrapbooking cards are layered cards made of design papers and cut-outs, and are seen mainly in design paper communities (I wrote about them in a previous post). The original term scrapbook refers to a memory book hand-crafted from special papers and cut-outs. The meaning has expanded over time and now refers to a technique, thatContinue reading “Cards of different type and style”