Crochet stress ball with filling granules

It’s been a long time since I was last inspired to pick up a crochet hook and yarn. For some reason, I remembered an amigurumi pattern that I have made many times before – a two-color filled heart. I have two great co-workers who are nice to talk to when times are tough (not only,Continue reading “Crochet stress ball with filling granules”

Crochet Christmas sweater for chicken

This year the Christmas mood came with first snow… and a request for Christmas sweaters for chicken! One of my childhood friends already had 3 vests for her chicken and this time she asked if I feel like making some festive outfits. Of course I had just deleted all the chicken clothes’ tutorials from PinterestContinue reading “Crochet Christmas sweater for chicken”

Gift card pocket with A4 or 30 cm design paper

I have tried the concept of gift card pockets before, but so far I was only creating designs with my Cricut. I had the opportunity to try it out again and this time I decided to include design paper. I am still cutting the card slot template I have created on Cricut Design Space, butContinue reading “Gift card pocket with A4 or 30 cm design paper”

Broken leggings = lace shorts + headband

This is not my typical Kids Corner post. My initial plan was to keep this section for projects that we make together with our little one. This time I would like to share something where she is not that involved, but what makes her happy. If you have read my blog, your first thought mightContinue reading “Broken leggings = lace shorts + headband”

Crochet head scarf from motifs

I’ve been wanting to crochet for a while now – specially considering my book collection with all those different options waiting for me! I have also had this sweet cotton yarn sitting, which reminds me of whipped cream with berries. Since we have a nice sunny summer and most of my little one’s summer hatsContinue reading “Crochet head scarf from motifs”

Free files for Cricut

I’ve written before that I have the amazing machine Cricut Explore Air 2 to help me with paper crafts. It’s an electronic paper cutting machine where you can select shapes digitally in the software. You could say, it’s like my mini version of a CNC bench. What files does Cricut support? In the screenshot below,Continue reading “Free files for Cricut”

Back to basics – chocolate pocket card with 20 cm design paper

Why back to basics? Chocolate pocket cards were my first attempts on the paper crafts journey – I have written a bit more about it in my first paper crafts post . They are still close to my heart because they have a very simple structure and are practical at the same time. I decidedContinue reading “Back to basics – chocolate pocket card with 20 cm design paper”