Crochet stress ball with filling granules

It’s been a long time since I was last inspired to pick up a crochet hook and yarn. For some reason, I remembered an amigurumi pattern that I have made many times before – a two-color filled heart. I have two great co-workers who are nice to talk to when times are tough (not only,Continue reading “Crochet stress ball with filling granules”

Crochet Christmas sweater for chicken

This year the Christmas mood came with first snow… and a request for Christmas sweaters for chicken! One of my childhood friends already had 3 vests for her chicken and this time she asked if I feel like making some festive outfits. Of course I had just deleted all the chicken clothes’ tutorials from PinterestContinue reading “Crochet Christmas sweater for chicken”

Crochet head scarf from motifs

I’ve been wanting to crochet for a while now – specially considering my book collection with all those different options waiting for me! I have also had this sweet cotton yarn sitting, which reminds me of whipped cream with berries. Since we have a nice sunny summer and most of my little one’s summer hatsContinue reading “Crochet head scarf from motifs”

Amigurumi spring bunny by lilleliis

I haven’t crocheted anything in a long time. Lately, I’ve been rustling in my pile of papers. When I saw this rabbit on social media, I immediately attacked my yarn box – you can’t miss out on such a cute thing! And what’s better – this pattern is available on lilleliis‘ website for FREE. ThisContinue reading “Amigurumi spring bunny by lilleliis”

Books about crochet

The Internet is limitless and offers a lot of information, but sometimes a good book is more convenient. I learned crochet stitches and techniques mainly through video tutorials, and I haven’t bought any real beginner’s books. I became interested in books when I wanted to find high-quality patterns and it became difficult to find themContinue reading “Books about crochet”

How to start with crochet?

The urge to crochet hit me when I was rolling around with my bellybump for the last months. I wanted to make a blanket, booties, teddys, kitties, hats and who knows what else. Since I knew that one of my friends is also crafting, I asked where to get yarn. She referred me to aContinue reading “How to start with crochet?”