Computer shaker card for birthday

This card started from the idea to make a computer. My other half’s son decided to build a computer for himself, and since we also contributed with parts for the birthday, I obviously wanted to create a suitable card to go along with it. I hope the “computer” is recognizable in the picture. I think it looks pretty simple, but I’ve used a lot of different materials there.

  1. The card base is a stronger A4 paper – I folded it into three so that the “screen” could stand with the support of the “keyboard”.
  2. The background picture is design paper from the Piatek Trzynastego “Beyond the sea”.
  3. Around the picture I built a frame from cardboard strips to fill it with beads and sequins for shaking.
  4. After filling the frame, I covered it with a transparent plastic rectangle. I have started collecting plastic packaging for shaker cards, but it is possible to buy acetate sheets for it.
  5. For the keyboard I managed to use an impulse purchase – I finally put my mosaic pieces to good use.
  6. Cricut helped me with the chrome elements – I cut the letters and frame out of self-adhesive vinyl.

I used to think that it is very hard to make cards for males, but recently I have had better ideas and results for men.

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