Back to basics – chocolate pocket card with 20 cm design paper

Why back to basics? Chocolate pocket cards were my first attempts on the paper crafts journey – I have written a bit more about it in my first paper crafts post . They are still close to my heart because they have a very simple structure and are practical at the same time. I decidedContinue reading “Back to basics – chocolate pocket card with 20 cm design paper”

Computer shaker card for birthday

This card started from the idea to make a computer. My other half’s son decided to build a computer for himself, and since we also contributed with parts for the birthday, I obviously wanted to create a suitable card to go along with it. I hope the “computer” is recognizable in the picture. I thinkContinue reading “Computer shaker card for birthday”

Easel card with photo camera

This is a simple card where design paper and Cricut came together. I don’t know exactly where this idea came from. Recently I’ve been somehow “locked in my head” and haven’t created much, but I actually have a lot of different ideas. I’ve been watching different step cards in crafting groups lately, because it seemedContinue reading “Easel card with photo camera”

How to make your own cards?

I remember making cards already from my childhood. During crafting lessons in basic school, it was custom to make your own creations for holidays and I still have it in my blood. Right now, I enjoy watching my little one developing the same enthusiasm. Since I wasn’t crafting for some time, I loved observing otherContinue reading “How to make your own cards?”