Easel card with photo camera

This is a simple card where design paper and Cricut came together. I don’t know exactly where this idea came from. Recently I’ve been somehow “locked in my head” and haven’t created much, but I actually have a lot of different ideas. I’ve been watching different step cards in crafting groups lately, because it seemed to me that you could add dimensions with a simple touch. I also planned to make this card with multi-level folding, but instead I decided to keep the camera in focus and solve the matter more easily – in the form of an easel card.

The first elements I chose were the little pictures I put on the photo film. I recently ordered new design papers and was cutting out the pictures. Stamperia’s “Forest” collection contains very beautiful pictures for nature lovers, and since my father is a hobby photographer and he likes to go discovering in the forest, thinking of him, these pictures turned into a photo film in my head.

Amazon.de: Stamperia – Forest (20.3 cm)
Amazon.co.uk: Stamperia – Forest (20.3 cm)

As a card base I used a stronger A4 color paper and folded it twice – first in half like a traditional card and then one half again. As this provided me the dimensions, I started looking for a film and a camera for Cricut to cut out. I’m not going to elaborate on my journey with Cricut Design Space software here, but the film was very easy to find and cut out. For the camera, I decided to try layering to add more effect. There was a large selection of pictures on the Internet, and I picked out a beautiful camera, which I then disassembled in the software and cut out of different colored paper.

I taped the finished elements to the card base with double-sided tape. I used thicker tape under the photo film so that it was high enough to hold up the camera. Attaching the camera, I made sure that only the lower half was taped – otherwise the card could not be folded as shown in the picture.

I sent the card to my dad as a retirement gift – he loved it. Apparently the camera is taking good pictures (I am still working on mine).

Easel card with photo camera

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