Gift card pocket with A4 or 30 cm design paper

I have tried the concept of gift card pockets before, but so far I was only creating designs with my Cricut. I had the opportunity to try it out again and this time I decided to include design paper. I am still cutting the card slot template I have created on Cricut Design Space, butContinue reading “Gift card pocket with A4 or 30 cm design paper”

Back to basics – chocolate pocket card with 20 cm design paper

Why back to basics? Chocolate pocket cards were my first attempts on the paper crafts journey – I have written a bit more about it in my first paper crafts post . They are still close to my heart because they have a very simple structure and are practical at the same time. I decidedContinue reading “Back to basics – chocolate pocket card with 20 cm design paper”

My kryptonite – the camera

I like to craft, but I always have a lot of trouble capturing my work results. This is quite ironic because my father has spent my whole conscious life around the camera and my other half also has a photography background. I don’t have a separate digital camera, but I bought my smartphone mainly becauseContinue reading “My kryptonite – the camera”

About design papers

I discovered design papers in my favorite local craft store during a sale campaign. Generally, design papers are thematic sets consisting of several illustrated sheets. I have noticed 3 sizes: 15×15 cm, A4, and 30×30 cm. These sheets of paper are quite strong (200+ gsm, more information in previous post) and mostly double-sided – thereContinue reading “About design papers”