Broken leggings = lace shorts + headband

This is not my typical Kids Corner post. My initial plan was to keep this section for projects that we make together with our little one. This time I would like to share something where she is not that involved, but what makes her happy. If you have read my blog, your first thought mightContinue reading “Broken leggings = lace shorts + headband”

Magical watercolor forest

Occasionally television can offer very useful information. One morning we were watching cartoons with the little one and Art Ninja was also in the mix. It is a kids’ crafting show we’ve come across before, but so far the projects seemed a bit complicated and I haven’t relly picked up any of them. This timeContinue reading “Magical watercolor forest”

Do you want to build a snowman?

This year we have been blessed with a beautiful winter and it has woken a big snow friend me – I think I have played more in the snow than my little one. From my childhood I remember how we used to build igloos, pyramids and even sledge hills out of snow in my hometown.Continue reading “Do you want to build a snowman?”

Christmas picture with pinecone frame

This project can be considered a coincidence. My little one really likes to bring home different objects she finds outside. On the window seal we have a box full of sea and snail shells, stones, chestnuts, acorns, dry leaves, pinecones etc. Recently I ordered Christmas themed design paper (I will write a separate post aboutContinue reading “Christmas picture with pinecone frame”