Cards of different type and style

Scrapbooking cards are layered cards made of design papers and cut-outs, and are seen mainly in design paper communities (I wrote about them in a previous post). The original term scrapbook refers to a memory book hand-crafted from special papers and cut-outs. The meaning has expanded over time and now refers to a technique, thatContinue reading “Cards of different type and style”

About design papers

I discovered design papers in my favorite local craft store during a sale campaign. Generally, design papers are thematic sets consisting of several illustrated sheets. I have noticed 3 sizes: 15×15 cm, A4, and 30×30 cm. These sheets of paper are quite strong (200+ gsm, more information in previous post) and mostly double-sided – thereContinue reading “About design papers”

How to make your own cards?

I remember making cards already from my childhood. During crafting lessons in basic school, it was custom to make your own creations for holidays and I still have it in my blood. Right now, I enjoy watching my little one developing the same enthusiasm. Since I wasn’t crafting for some time, I loved observing otherContinue reading “How to make your own cards?”

How to start with crochet?

The urge to crochet hit me when I was rolling around with my bellybump for the last months. I wanted to make a blanket, booties, teddys, kitties, hats and who knows what else. Since I knew that one of my friends is also crafting, I asked where to get yarn. She referred me to aContinue reading “How to start with crochet?”

Christmas picture with pinecone frame

This project can be considered a coincidence. My little one really likes to bring home different objects she finds outside. On the window seal we have a box full of sea and snail shells, stones, chestnuts, acorns, dry leaves, pinecones etc. Recently I ordered Christmas themed design paper (I will write a separate post aboutContinue reading “Christmas picture with pinecone frame”