Discovering the pop-up world

When I was writing about different types of cards, I wasn’t very familiar with pop-up cards yet. I had seen mainly pop-up books and some layouts in design paper inspiration groups, but I was under the impression that it is a complicated mechanism. Now that there are several kids birthdays coming up, I figured IContinue reading “Discovering the pop-up world”

Amigurumi spring bunny by lilleliis

I haven’t crocheted anything in a long time. Lately, I’ve been rustling in my pile of papers. When I saw this rabbit on social media, I immediately attacked my yarn box – you can’t miss out on such a cute thing! And what’s better – this pattern is available on lilleliis‘ website for FREE. ThisContinue reading “Amigurumi spring bunny by lilleliis”

Computer shaker card for birthday

This card started from the idea to make a computer. My other half’s son decided to build a computer for himself, and since we also contributed with parts for the birthday, I obviously wanted to create a suitable card to go along with it. I hope the “computer” is recognizable in the picture. I thinkContinue reading “Computer shaker card for birthday”

Easel card with photo camera

This is a simple card where design paper and Cricut came together. I don’t know exactly where this idea came from. Recently I’ve been somehow “locked in my head” and haven’t created much, but I actually have a lot of different ideas. I’ve been watching different step cards in crafting groups lately, because it seemedContinue reading “Easel card with photo camera”

My kryptonite – the camera

I like to craft, but I always have a lot of trouble capturing my work results. This is quite ironic because my father has spent my whole conscious life around the camera and my other half also has a photography background. I don’t have a separate digital camera, but I bought my smartphone mainly becauseContinue reading “My kryptonite – the camera”

Magical watercolor forest

Occasionally television can offer very useful information. One morning we were watching cartoons with the little one and Art Ninja was also in the mix. It is a kids’ crafting show we’ve come across before, but so far the projects seemed a bit complicated and I haven’t relly picked up any of them. This timeContinue reading “Magical watercolor forest”

Do you want to build a snowman?

This year we have been blessed with a beautiful winter and it has woken a big snow friend me – I think I have played more in the snow than my little one. From my childhood I remember how we used to build igloos, pyramids and even sledge hills out of snow in my hometown.Continue reading “Do you want to build a snowman?”

Books about crochet

The Internet is limitless and offers a lot of information, but sometimes a good book is more convenient. I learned crochet stitches and techniques mainly through video tutorials, and I haven’t bought any real beginner’s books. I became interested in books when I wanted to find high-quality patterns and it became difficult to find themContinue reading “Books about crochet”