Crochet Christmas sweater for chicken

This year the Christmas mood came with first snow… and a request for Christmas sweaters for chicken! One of my childhood friends already had 3 vests for her chicken and this time she asked if I feel like making some festive outfits. Of course I had just deleted all the chicken clothes’ tutorials from Pinterest because I did not expect to ever need them again. Luckily, this time it wasn’t hard to find those patterns. It seems that dressing up chicken is so popular that some people have turned it into a business and are selling their patterns.

To my pleasure I also found the guide I used for the first vests: She Radiated Joy – Crochet Chicken Sweater.

First crochet chicken vests

For some people it probably raises the question: why would chicken need sweaters? My childhood friend has Silkies and she takes them to events for educational purposes. The vests are accessories for different activities. For the Christmas version I used the previous pattern as a base and just played around with colors and additional elements. This time my friend also requested hats. It was quite fun to work on little suits – like making something for elves. I hope the costumes are a good fit and a nice sight for everybody.

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