Discovering the pop-up world

When I was writing about different types of cards, I wasn’t very familiar with pop-up cards yet. I had seen mainly pop-up books and some layouts in design paper inspiration groups, but I was under the impression that it is a complicated mechanism.

Now that there are several kids birthdays coming up, I figured I would take up the challenge and try something new. I was browsing through different tutorials on Youtube and I found one which got me hooked – The Pop-Up Channel. Already after the first video I pulled some papers from my printer and started testing around. I have been watching more of the videos and the second one also has some useful information to get the logic right – but after those two you can already start creating some simple pop-ups! I love this channel because the tutorials show the basic rules, different variations of pop-up folds and there are always many examples from books for inspiration.

Once I figured out the base, I started digging through my papers to find suitable pictures to pop up. I discovered some papers I had actually bought specifically considering children – Scrapboys “Fairy Land” (I have the sheet 1 and 5). Once I was playing around with the images, I started to regret I didn’t have the whole set. But I found another sheet from a Scrapboys collection – I think “Dream Garden” made a good match in this case. I also had some cut out butterflies, but I don’t know where they came from anymore.

Pop-up folds
Pop-up folds

Ironically the harder part was to figure out the outside of the card. Since the focus was on the pop-up design on the inside, I wanted to keep the cover simple. I also decided to add a ribbon to keep the card closed – due to the many layers it is quite thick and doesn’t close on its own. I ended up using another sheet of design paper on the cover to have a clean finish and cover up the ribbons.

Pop-up card cover Stamperia – House of Roses (20.3 cm) Stamperia – House of Roses (20.3 cm)

As you can see from the pictures – while I was writing the post, another card was born.

Fairy pop-up card


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