Amigurumi spring bunny by lilleliis

I haven’t crocheted anything in a long time. Lately, I’ve been rustling in my pile of papers. When I saw this rabbit on social media, I immediately attacked my yarn box – you can’t miss out on such a cute thing! And what’s better – this pattern is available on lilleliis‘ website for FREE.

This time I made the cutie for my little one. She is always watching me with great interest when I make something for others and I wanted to surprise her with that bunny egg. She observed me again every evening and occasionally provided me some feedback. At her request, I tried to make the bunny smile because she said that there was a grumpy rabbit in the original picture of the guide. Since I haven’t had much success with pompoms and they tend to break, I decided to leave out the tail and gain more space for flowers. I also changed the flowers more to my liking. Instead of embroidering, I crocheted small six-leafed flowers, which I attached to the body with a few stitches and pearls. The flowers I made without a pattern:

  • magic ring,
  • first round with 6 single crochet,
  • second round in each single crochet: 1 slip stitch, chain 2, 1 double crochet, chain 2.

For a change a nice project, which can be a good target to invest ending yarn. My my little one is in 7th heaven and ready for Easter!

Amigurumi spring bunny

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