My kryptonite – the camera

I like to craft, but I always have a lot of trouble capturing my work results. This is quite ironic because my father has spent my whole conscious life around the camera and my other half also has a photography background. I don’t have a separate digital camera, but I bought my smartphone mainly because of the camera when my little one announced her appearance.

I don’t plan to set up a photo studio, and I don’t have a direct need for it, because I don’t have a business or an online store. But I like beautiful pictures and that’s why I still experiment. When I was at home for a longer time, I took a free trial of LinkedIn Premium and watched several trainings, but for me it was all too much. The precondition for following them was either the purchase of various accessories or very detailed manual settings of the camera.

Since taking pictures of handicraft is more of a side activity for me, I try to find the middle way so that I don’t spend too much time, money and nerves on that. I like to take pictures in natural light, but I never prepare properly and take pictures spontaneously on a handy background when I see nice light. Therefore, it often happens that I can’t focus on the object, but I have to make sure that the background doesn’t interfere.

Looking at the pictures of other crafters, I discovered that they sometimes have picture backgrounds even more beautiful than the cards, so it left me thinking. I like the small easels on which the cards are placed and the background elements that are actually used in crafting – lace, pearls, flowers, etc.

I decided to build something like a small stage out of a cardboard box and order some larger pages of design paper that would work well as a background. When my other half understood what I was working on, he decided to make my life easier again and ordered a mini photo tent instead. Neewer® Photo Studio Shooting Tent Light SoftBox + 4 Colours Anstore 20 x Wooden Mini Easel (15 x 8 cm)

I had seen them, but I didn’t pay much attention before, because I thought it was too high skill level for me. I expected that I would need to buy different lamps to use it, but it also works with daylight – just the way I like it! My tent also comes with different colored backgrounds that can be attached, but I experimented with design papers instead. How does it look?

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