Magical watercolor forest

Occasionally television can offer very useful information. One morning we were watching cartoons with the little one and Art Ninja was also in the mix. It is a kids’ crafting show we’ve come across before, but so far the projects seemed a bit complicated and I haven’t relly picked up any of them. This time it also caught the attention of the little one and in the evening she asked to paint with a brush.

I found an A3 sized drawing paper and created some shapes with masking tape. Then she could just enjoy herself and paint the entire sheet of paper with watercolors. We let the picture dry overnight and the next morning the picture offered additional activities – we had to take off the tape and see what was peeling from below. Since my little one is now very interested in stickers, for her pulling of the strips of tape was probably even more exciting than painting. The larger strips stuck to the paper quite tightly and peeled some paper with them, but I think it made the picture more realistic – otherwise the tree trunks would have been too straight and symmetrical.

Magical watercolor forest
Removing the tape

If your child can’t or doesn’t want to draw shapes and you’re not convinced in your artwork either, try this quick project – it will help everyone become an artist.

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