Do you want to build a snowman?

This year we have been blessed with a beautiful winter and it has woken a big snow friend me – I think I have played more in the snow than my little one. From my childhood I remember how we used to build igloos, pyramids and even sledge hills out of snow in my hometown. For extras, we sometimes painted them with handy colors and also covered them with water so that they get a decent ice layer overnight.

My little one doesn’t have enough patience to roll snowballs yet, but I’ve found easier activities to get creative with the snow. She has surprised me herself – for example, the cat in the picture is obviously not made by her, but she decided to paint the cat with sand. With such sculptures, it is also a great help if children bring exciting findings and help decorate – pine cones, stones, branches, etc.

Since my little one is a big Playdoh friend, she also likes to play in the snow, but she seems more comfortable when she has a “canvas” as a base. I recently saw a Facebook post where someone was walking in the woods and found a hugging rabbit figure on a tree. I liked it so much that I tried it too. Our family has decorated both trees and stones.

One day we were playing in the snow next to the house with the little one. After a while we went to play between some trees, because the children of a nearby school got involved in a very heated snowball fight and I didn’t want to get caught in the middle. We started making snow shapes on the trees together, and after a while I discovered that the snow fight had calmed down. When I looked around, I found that the same boys had also settled down around some trees and were focused on sculpting!

The other day, my other half surprised me with his creative side. We were getting ready to go out together and grabbed the snow shovels to build something out of the snow. He also picked up empty plastic storage boxes! At first I thought he is on a cleaning spree, but instead he had the idea to put snow in the boxes to make big building blocks. Since the thermometer was showing some minus at the time, it was a smart idea and we managed to raise some “brick walls”.

So if you are looking for a simple and peaceful snow game that is managable for children of different ages and also suitable with lighter snow – make it more interesting by supporting it with some helpful objects.

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